SCOM COIN is not just a meme; it's a cryptocurrency movement and organization!

SCOM COIN isn't merely a meme; it's the driving force behind a dynamic cryptocurrency revolution! In the midst of the recent bull run, Jeets faltered. Developers made empty commitments, marketing lacked steadfastness, and crypto influencers demanded exorbitant fees, squeezing developers for marketing expenses and exploiting our community. With SCOM, we're flipping the script – we reward you for championing our cause. Join the movement where we redefine success, reinvent the game, and turn every challenge into an opportunity for growth!


SCOM Bot: Join the Hunt for SCOM Dad

Be an influencer: Post about SCOM DAD, spread the word, and let SCOM Bot track your efforts with precision! Our tech scours the social media landscape and identifies your posts in the quest to find SCOM Dad. Your mission? Help locate SCOM Dad and earn exciting rewards!

SCOM COIN offers hassle free registration

  • Create an account
  • Fill up the information required by the bot
  • Post us, Claim your money!

Wondering what to share?

No sharing of financial advice needed! Simply help us find SCOM DAD, our dev’s dad who got kidnapped. Every three days, we'll post updates on our site with his last whereabouts or any news we receive about him. Just share them, and you'll be rewarded for your support. Read more about rewards in the rewards page



SCOM coin is a cryptocurrency featuring John Cena's character, Ron, who made millions from it in the movie "Vacation Friends 2." In the film, Ron and Reese give a tip about SCOM coin, and Reese uses the tip to make a fortune by investing $30,000, turning it into $6,000,000 (+20000%) and uses the funds to pay for Reese's release after being kidnapped.

what does SCOM stand for?
SCOM is a shortcut for Secure Commerce for Online Marketers, it was mentioned in the movie and that's what our bot actually does.

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